Most mobile money networks have a way by which customers can send money to you from their mobile phones.

Beyonic has instructions for each network we support. 

In order for those instructions to work correctly, you need to set up a merchant code or a reference code that identifies you to your customers. They will need to enter this reference code whenever they try to send money to you.

To do this, login to your Beyonic account and go to your home page, then go to Company Settings > Advanced Settings > Collection Settings.

From that page, you can select a reference code.  The reference code should be one word, or one set of numbers.

Entering additional information for your records:

Note: Your customers can include ANY other information AFTER the reference, so you can include additional information in your instructions to them, e.g personal ids, account ids, etc. These will be passed on to you undisturbed.

For example: If your reference keyword is “payme“, they can enter “payme 1234”, “payme1234” or “payme Lule Gerald” and you will get your payment.

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