You can withdraw funds from your Beyonic Account at any time. Beyonic provides two withdrawal methods:

A. Withdrawing to your Bank Account

You can request a funds transfer to your bank account. Simply send an email to [email protected], and we will initiate the transfer.

Payment withdrawal requests must be made by an authorized company signatory. Beyonic will confirm withdrawal authorization using the company information we have on file.

The funds request must include:

  1. The amount and currency to be withdrawn
  2. The source account (if your company has many accounts with Beyonic)
  3. The target bank information (bank name, account name, account number, address and any routing information)

The target bank account must be in the names of the company. If any other account is used, the request must be accompanied by an authorization letter on the company letterhead and signed by the company signatories.

Settlement Windows and Standing Orders

IMPORTANT: Beyonic shall only process settlement requests received by the days and times below. Any settlement requests received outside these times shall be queued up till the next settlement window.

  1. Tuesday by 4pm local time
  2. Thursday by 4pm local time

If you want regular settlements, you can request a standing order at either or both of these settlement windows. You only need to do this once. and Beyonic will settle all your funds to the bank account of your choice at each settlement window until you change the standing instructions.

Currency Exchange

For settlements to currencies or countries other than the account currency, Beyonic reserves the right to delay the settlement based on availability of funds in the target currency, and/or international movement of funds.

Beyonic will also charge exchange rate fees and funds transfer fees determined by our funds transfer partners.

B. Withdrawing to a Mobile Money Account

You can withdraw funds to any supported mobile money account, at any time by logging into your Beyonic account and using the "Send Payment" feature. 

Beyonic also support instant transfers to your mobile money, as soon as you get a collection. Note that this can get pricey, since each transaction is charged. You can configure this by going to  "Collection Settings" in the portal.

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