1. Once logged in, click on “Schedule New Payment”

2. Once on the payment screen, the default is to make a simple payment, but you have the option to Upload an Excel file

  1. Enter the description for the payment about to be initiated. This is required and will be associated with this payment in your payment record.
  2. Choose whether you are making a payment to a Contact or a Group and enter their information. By default, all transfers must be made to existing contacts, so if necessary, add a new contact.

Select the amount and the currency of the payment you would like to make

If you have payment scheduling enabled, you will also see an option to schedule payments.

  1. Review your payment details and click “Submit”

2. Upon clicking submit, the payment will then be scheduled and you will be taking to “Payment Schedule Details” screen. Just below “Payment Schedule Details” it should read “Your transfer has been created. Track its status below”.

3. If your payment needs approval, approval notifications will be sent. Otherwise, the Funds To Phones platform will immediately process your payment

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