To send airtime:

  1. Select the payments option on left hand menu
  2. Select the "create new payment" option
  3. You can use either the 1. bulk payments,  2. single payments or 3. upload excel file option to send airtime to your beneficiaries.
  4. Under "Payment Option" select the "Airtime" as the format or transaction type of choice
  5. Enter the description for the payments being made
  6. Select the currency of the transaction being performed
  7. Enter the beneficiary contact and name for all the telecoms available by country 
  8. Enter the amount of airtime you wish to transfer
  9. Enter the description for the payments being made
  10. Verify your transaction details and click submit.
  11. Beneficiaries will immediately receive their airtime
  12. Should there be a requirement for approval before the airtime is disbursed, the approvers will receive a notification to action accordingly.
  13. To track the status of your transactions click "Track payments" option under "payments"

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